Steel high-grade

Own build steel-frames, tailor-made with high-grade sounding tubes from Columbus ITA or Reynolds GB for any discipline & style. Designed and constructed on individual specification. A fast racing-bicycle is reduced to the max and combines aesthetic & function, form follows function. The construction demands system-understanding, high technical proficiency and a precise eye. Frame-manufacture with: KOLB RAHMENBAU. Price on request.

Vintage racing bicycles

Reconstruction of vintage racing bicycles. Such kind of bicycles will never loose power to compete against modern bikes, rider's conviction supposed: it's the engine, not the bike!

CARRERA-BATTAGLIN, original Battaglin-frame from the Carrera-Team 1987/1988. Columbus-SLX-tubing, riverniciato. Frame-Nr. 10, size 57/57 center to center. Campagnolo-C-Record-components, NOS new old stock 1987 / 1988. Back to Via Roma in San Remo 1987, with nr. 58 Erich Mächler wins as first swiss rider the Classicissima.

BATTAGLIN time trial, original Battaglin-frame from the JOLLY Coponibili Club 88 Team  1992/1993 (Erich Mächler's last station in his career). Rear wheel 28" / front wheel 26". Mannesmann ORIA KK-tubing. Frame-Nr. 10, size 56/62 center to center. Campagnolo-C-Record-components, NOS new old stock 1988 - 1993.

Bicycles for sale on request.